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Return Policy

  • Free Returns You will not be penalized for returned items
  • Easy Process Just call our customer service and we will take care of the rest
  • Convenient We pick up the item from your doorstep
  • Swift Refund Get a full refund for the value of your item with free return shipping fees
  • Original Guarantee 100% money back guarantee for any item you think is not genuine

How does the return policy work?

1 Call our customer service to request a return or place a return request online
2 Our courier will arrange a pickup time for your item.
3 Following the inspection of the item, we will process a refund upon approval

I haven’t received the item but I don’t want it anymore. Can I return what I’ve bought?

If your order has not yet been delivered and the items have not yet been assigned to a driver, the “Cancel” button will be available on your order details page.
To proceed with canceling the order, click the “Cancel” button for the specific items you wish to cancel complete the cancelation process on your order details page. In this case, you will receive a full refund along with any shipping fees applied and will not be penalized. Refund will be implemented depending on the policy for the payment method applied.
In case your order has not yet been delivered but the delivery has been assigned to our drivers, the “Cancel” button will be deactivated and you will only be able to access the “Return” button. In this case you will need to proceed with a refund in which you will need to cover the delivery fees. The above applies for eligible return products based on the return policy in our terms and conditions

I received the item but I don’t want it anymore. Can I return what I’ve bought?

If you’ve already received your order, you have up to 3 days to return it as long as it meets the return conditions. If the item is eligible for return, it must be in the same condition received with the original package intact.

According to our return policy, you can return your item within three days after receipt, no questions asked. In case you decided to return your item after the three days have passed and there is nothing faulty in the item, we can contact the seller on your behalf to try and arrange for such a return, however please note that some sellers do not accept a product back under these circumstances.

My item is defective. Can I return it?

If your item is defective or is not working as it is supposed to, please contact our Customer Service team.

My item is defective. Do I get a replacement?

If your item is defective or is not working as it is supposed to and you wish to have it replaced, please contact our Customer Service team.

Do I get a full refund of my money for a returned item?

If you placed a return request within 3 days of receiving it, you will get a full refund of the price of the item you want to return excluding the delivery fees. In addition, HiCart.com offers you free return shipping fees, so you can rest assured that returning an item will not incur any additional costs on you.

Can I replace an item?

At the moment we do not offer replacements, but you can still choose to return an item. Please check our Return Policies for more information.

What are the conditions for making a return?

It happened to all of us at least once. We receive an item we recently purchased online and find it either doesn’t work or is not as cool as it looked in the pictures. The good news is that you can return the item and get a refund easily. Just keep in mind the below and the remaining conditions highlighted in our terms & conditions::

  • Return requests should be made within 3 days from receiving the item.
  • Item should be in the same condition you received it. If you use or damage it, it can no longer be returned.
  • If the item is an innerwear, lingerie, chocolates, flowers, cigars, socks, stockings, tights, software, music album, books, swimwear, gift card, headpiece, hair care products (shampoo, serum, conditioner, masks, gel), eye lashes, eye lenses and eye serums, candle, greeting card, beauty product, liquors, or fragrances, then the item is not eligible for return.
  • If the defective product can be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, then the item cannot be refunded. Instead, you can arrange to get the item fixed or replaced.
  • The item should not be tampered with and should not have missing serial numbers, otherwise it will no longer be qualified for a refund.
  • Make sure the package has no missing items, including price tags, labels, original packing, freebies, and accessories.
  • The original package of any item should not be opened and should remain sealed.

How long does it take the courier to pick up the items I want to return?

Normally, our courier representative will contact you within 5 days from the day you processed a return request and schedule a pickup time.

How will I receive my refund if I have paid by credit card?

In case you paid for your purchase electronically, the amount will be refunded to your card.  However, bear in mind that the amount may take time to reflect in your card statement, depending on your card provider.

How will I receive my refund if I have paid through Cash on Delivery?

If you have paid through Cash on Delivery, the money will be transferred to your wallet on your HiCart account within a period of one (1) week from the collection date and subject to the compliance of the returned item to the return conditions. If you choose to receive the return in cash, you can submit a request and collect the cash from HiCart offices after a period of two (2) weeks following your request.

Will I be charged shipping fees when I return an item?

If you place a return request within 3 days of receiving your item, you will be charged the delivery fees whereas HiCart will cover the return fees.

If I received a gift through HiCart. Can I return the Gift?

If you received a gift from a HiCart user and would like to issue a return, you will need to request the return within 3 days of receiving the gift by contacting [email protected]. If the return is accepted based on the return requirements, the amount will be credited to your HiCart account.

If you do not have a HiCart account, you will need to create one for our support team to be able to add the amount to it.

Gift amount cannot be claimed in cash nor credited to a card. Return Delivery shipment fees will be deducted from the value of the returned product.

I received a gift card through HiCart. Can I return it?

Gift cards received through HiCart cannot be returned nor can be used to purchase other gift cards.